Your Brain Is PLASTIC!

Noah Merriby
10 min readJan 10, 2020

Look around you… Look at yourself… Everything you see, and everything you are, can be summed up with one simple word: Energy

No, I am not about to throw some Law Of Attraction stuff at you. I am about to share with you some revolutionary scientific discoveries that will change your perspective on the world and on yourself.

First off, how is it that everything we are and everything we see around us is made out of energy? Well it’s simple, let’s talk about basic chemistry. Matter, whether its tangible or intangible is made out of molecules. Oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and a mix of different molecules form the perceivable and non-perceivable world. Molecules are made out of atoms, and atoms are made out of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

Learn How To ReWire Your Brain Using The Science Of Neuroplasticity

One electron volt in the atom, is the energy that this specific electron gains when it travels through a potential difference of one volt (1 eV = 1.6 x 10–19 Joules). In other words, electrons are energy. If you look at the device you’re holding right now, the parts that seem still are in fact not still at all, the electrons inside of them are constantly emitting energy hence in quantum movement and I’m going to epxlain to you what “quantum movement” stands for in a minute, but bear with me.

Now in the human body, we also emit energy. Our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, actions and reactions are all a bunch of electrified signals fired and transmitted through our neurons, spreading into the neural structure, which is translating into a conscious or subconscious message.

Scientifically speaking, the spirit is not in the body, the body is in the spirit.

By spirit, I am talking about the energy you are constantly emitting. Your entire body is made out of atoms, therefore your body is emitting energy at all time. In fact, energy scanners detect a halo around the human body at all time that varies in intensity. That halo is the spirit…



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