In The Search Of Purpose

Noah Merriby
14 min readNov 18, 2019

What is it that you love doing? Find it, and pursue it at all cause. Success stories would always resonate with a message: “Never give up, never surrender.“

But how accurate is that?

Those stories that motivate a lot of people to follow their passion and aspiration, to follow what they love, can be flawed from a realism standpoint.

When we talk about love, we talk about subjectivity. Facing a life or death situation with a stranger, is very different than facing a life or death situation with your loved ones. A caring mother would give her life away for her child just out of sheer love. Rationality doesn’t exist, logic doesn’t exist, and objectivity doesn’t exist.

We can always argue the subjectivity or objectivity of those situations, however, we can never deny that emotionally charged situations we might face with loved ones will be highly influenced by our subjective senses.

So the question is, should we find what we love?

If we follow and pursue what we love, there is a huge complication. If you are coming from a subjective standpoint, thinking that you can follow those success stories, that you can achieve the impossible… Would you be able to think rationally and logically about it? Don’t get me wrong, you can pursue what you love and find your purpose in life, but logic and rationality are two fundamental pillars in the search for meaning. If you are being subjective, you might never attain this goal out of irrational and illogical thinking.

Your meaning in life should be something you love indeed. I know this is contradictory but stay with me for a second.

If your meaning in life is not something that fills you with joy, happiness and most importantly love, then you did not actually find your reason to exist.

Even when you suffer, love doesn’t disappear.

Losing our loved ones can put us in such a dark spot in our lives. If your father or mother are ill, and you pass by the hospital every day to check on them, you sleep on the hospital chair during the weekends, trying to dedicate all your energy towards encouraging them to get back up on their feet. All the pain you’re facing, the hardship, the suffering, yet, the love doesn’t disappear..

Noah Merriby

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