How To Control Your Mood Swings Better

Noah Merriby
5 min readMay 12, 2021

“ One day I wake up feeling as motivated as all hell, then the next day, I can’t even get out of bed…”

Said Chris with a frustrated look on his face.

I can understand his frustration. It sucks when we have a kick-ass day and get a bunch of work done, only to wake up the next day feeling drained and uninspired.

“ How often does this happen to you Chris?”

“ I don’t really know. Sometimes I can go weeks feeling inspired and motivated and then out of the blue, poof… it disappears.”

“ hmmm, Tell me Chris, what is motivation for you…?”

When it took him a good minute to think about it, I realized that he had something missing, and he didn’t even know what it is. I mean, people talk about all the time, about feeling motivated, or feeling unmotivated, but what is motivation to begin with?

See physiologically speaking, Dopamine is the main driver of motivation. It starts the engine and sets you on the road towards a certain goal. However, motivation or Dopamine are not the elements that keep you moving forward. Which brings us to the psychological aspect of motivation.

“ It just feels good, I feel like I don’t need to force myself to do the work, I just do it!”

Chris was explicitly describing the physiological effects of dopamine, and that’s not the problem. We can all feel motivated at any given moment! Simply by thinking about a goal that you really desire, and thinking about how amazing it would be to attain it, you set yourself into a motivated state, even if it was for just a split second. It’s maintaining the motivation that’s key for success here.

“ So from what you’re saying, your problem is more a question of how to maintain the motivation, is it?”

“ Maintaining is a big one, but also getting back on track! When I lose the motivation, I feel that it’s pretty challenging to find it again.”

“ Find it? Chris, you can’t find motivation. That’s a big misconception. Motivation can’t find you either… Can you think of someone who always says I’ll do something when I feel motivated to do it?”

Noah Merriby

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