From A State Of Stress, To A State Of Creation

Noah Merriby
5 min readJul 6, 2021

There begins the story. Not my story… YOUR STORY.

You. Who are you?

Here’s the thing about stories though… We feel that stories can not change, and that’s not true. Past stories and experiences are a part of who you are. The way those experiences affected us can have a decisive pivoting moment for the author… You.

I want you to think about the people you talk to the most for a second.

When I told John to do that, he started naming all the people he can think of. By the time he stopped, I realized that he forgot the one person he talks to the most…Himself!

The problem is, he is not even aware of that. This chit chat we hear behind our ears to tell us to behave in a certain way is a fr*eaking conversation. Imagine for a second, you’re standing in front of a mirror. In front of you, is the person you talk to the most. Your reflection, instead of reflecting your body, reflects your thoughts. So instead of seeing yourself brushing your teeth, you see yourself getting fired from your job because you’re always late.

Now when the chit chat stops, your reflection stages, you start consciously seeing yourself standing there and brushing your teeth. You feel the cold water on your hands. You are present.

Then something magical can happen. You get an email on your phone that says congragulations, we want to hire you. You finish brushing your teeth, and dry your hands and you look at yourself again. Once again, you don’t see your reflection anymore, the chit chat and your reflection is going to change. However this time, something happened. You’re not seeing yourself being late to work and stressing about it, you’re seeing yourself in your new passionate job and felt inspired. You leave the washroom a different person ready to write a different story.

As I explained that to John, I asked him:

“ What do you usually say to yourself in the first minutes after you wake up?”

He giggled and said: “I have a hard time waking up on time so…”

“Well how do you manage to do it when you need to wake up early?”

John giggled again: “It’s a blessing that you can set 10 different alarms 5 minutes…

Noah Merriby

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