Cracking The Laziness Code

Noah Merriby
5 min readMay 18, 2020

Negotiate with yourself, don’t tyrannize yourself.

First off, you can’t always avoid being lazy. That’s something you need to accept. We all have days where we don’t get enough sleep, we have long work days, or we had a lot to deal with and laziness is then a sign. Your body or brain are telling you that you need a little break. It’s important that you negotiate with yourself, instead of tyrannizing yourself.

The problem happens when you constantly feel lazy. And I assume that’s what you’re dealing with here.

Now if you were feeling lazy, what’s the one thing that you can experience that get you out of this laziness loop?

In most cases, laziness is associated with a lack of motivation. If you felt incredibly motivated, the dopamine rush in your neurological system would kick you out of the laziness loop and you’ll feel the urge to be productive.

In some rare cases, you might feel very motivated, but lazy at the same time. If that’s the case, you’re not experiencing laziness. You’re just tired, and you need to breathe some fresh air, relax, and take a break doing something you enjoy.

However, if you believe that the laziness you’re experiencing is associated with a lack of motivation, then by simply fixating your motivation towards a certain goal, you’ll start kicking laziness away bit by bit.

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So here are some things you can do to get back on track on control your laziness better:

  • Build a daily personal life routine:

I can not emphasize how important this is. Your subconscious brain accounts for 90–95% of your thoughts, emotions and actions. Your conscious brain only accounts for 5–10%. Now the subconscious brain is also known as the habit brain. If your subconscious brain starts working with you, instead of against you, you’ll be able to build up the habit of being productive.

Noah Merriby

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