Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

Noah Merriby
15 min readJun 24, 2021

The Importance Of Relationships In Building A Strong Foundation For Ourselves:

Commonly, in relationships, people might change their entire life to satisfy the need of maintaining the relationship with their significant other.

The desire of sex expression in a sense of making love, and the concept of love itself are the most cognitive stimulating experiences in a person’s life.

A teacher of mine back in high school can stand as a solid example. Coming from a low income family household, growing into a personal low income household, he met a woman that changed his life. After a relationship that lasted for a couple years, he proposed. She was more than happy to marry him, however, she insisted on getting her father’s blessing. As sad as it was, her father asked, how can you take care of my daughter and potentially her child if you can barely take care of yourself? Today, he is a university professor, a high school teacher, and a lawyer that belongs to upper social classes in terms of household income. The reason behind his success was not a desire to acquire wealth, but a desire to acquire love, a desire to be with his potential significant other.

Nonetheless, as strong as love can be, a question arises:

Can love turn into hate?

Depending on how severe the emotional trauma is, love can indeed turn into hate. However love doesn’t disappear instantly, it gets suppressed behind our emotional behavioural system that once again wants to avoid pain and acquire pleasure.

In extreme, but often recurring experiences, emotionally charged breakups can lead to suicidal thoughts and acts. Reflecting on existentialism, finding no meaning, people might likewise engage in suicidal acts or thoughts. A denouement direct correlation is obvious. Emotional analogous trauma leading a person to lose his significant other is the equivalent of a person not finding a meaning in life, even further inexorable, as the meaning that once filled the void of existentialism is non existent anymore. A significant other, reciprocally guided by the stimulation of love, can spawn a meaning to exist.

A paramount principle also arises when it comes to the meaning of life and our existence, do we, as human beings, possess the…

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