Anchoring — A Neuro-Linguistic Programming Haven For Self-Regulation

Noah Merriby
8 min readMay 13, 2021

Do you remember an instant in your life, where you walked past someone and you got a short whiff of their perfume… And before you know it, in an instant, it brought back a past memory, and a mix of emotions and feelings that you have experienced back then…?

If you can’t really related to this example, I’ll give you another one.

Have you ever been in a mall, or in an elevator, and you heard a song, that you haven’t listened to in years… And as soon as you heard the melody, it drew a smile or maybe a frown on your face…?

If you still can’t relate, I’ll give you one last example.

Is there a person you know in your life who you can not stand? A person who maybe hurt you, or did you wrong? How do you feel when someone mentions their name…? See even if the emotional intensity you felt escaped your conscious awareness as you got used to it, the physiological chemical reaction will be there.

Now all of those previous examples are fundamentally anchors that are wired to your subconscious brain. As they can easily escape our conscious awareness, they can work as a double edged sword.

Someone who struggled with money all his life might have an anchored state of stress related to money no matter how much he or she is making.

Here’s where it gets interesting however. You can consciously create anchors, and associate a chosen state of mind with them. How amazing would it be if you’re going through a bad day, and then you do a simple gesture that changes your entire body chemistry? Pretty amazing right? Well that’s exactly what I’m going to be showing you in this chapter.

First, you need to do some brainstorming and ask yourself: “ What emotions or feelings are lacking in your life?” Or “ What’s an emotional or mental state that you would want to experience more often?”

Another way to look at it is by identifying some key negative emotions that are dominating your life and then asking yourself what’s the positive contrary emotion I can use to replace it with?

The second step is for you to identify elements in your life that can bring out the desired mental state you’re aiming for. If you want to…



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