A vicious cycle that affects over 2 billion people around the world.

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Procrastination is an art. The reason I call it an art is because we can get very creative with it. We can get so creative in fact that we build ourselves a trap and jump right into it.

I want to start off by asking you a simple question:

“ When do we usually procrastinate? “

Now the answer to this question is often times very clear. We procrastinate when we feel a lack of motivation…Right?

Wrong! Let me explain.

We don’t procrastinate because we feel a lack of motivation… We feel a lack of motivation because we procrastinate. …

Negotiate with yourself, don’t tyrannize yourself.

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First off, you can’t always avoid being lazy. That’s something you need to accept. We all have days where we don’t get enough sleep, we have long work days, or we had a lot to deal with and laziness is then a sign. Your body or brain are telling you that you need a little break. It’s important that you negotiate with yourself, instead of tyrannizing yourself.

The problem happens when you constantly feel lazy. And I assume that’s what you’re dealing with here.

Now if you were feeling lazy, what’s the one thing that you can experience that get you out of this laziness loop? …

I want you to think about the people you talk to the most in your life for a second…

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I want you to think about the people you talk to the most for a second.

When I told John to do that, he started naming all the people he can think of. By the time he stopped, I realized that he forgot to mention the one person he talks to the most… Himself!

The problem is, he is not even aware of that. This chit chat we hear behind our ears to tell us to behave in a certain way is a loud fr*eaking conversation sometimes. …

Imagine that every single time you blink, around seven people would have died as a direct or indirect result of stress.

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According to the Center for Disease Control/National Institute on Occupational Safety & Health, the workplace is the number one cause of life stress. The CDC reports 110 million people die every year as a direct result of stress. That is seven people every 2 seconds.

When I read this statement, I started becoming a lot conscious of the stress we go through every single day.

When does the average person today start stressing?

Well let’s go back to the moment right before they go to bed. They usually stress about hitting the snooze button, and anticipating feeling drained and tired the next morning. You go to sleep with the intention of waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Your alarm goes off, and if you magically did not hit the snooze button to have a fifteen-minute peaceful retreat before a long stressful day of work, you decide get up cause you have to. Obligations are what got you out of bed, and with obligations comes stress. …

What it simply takes to stay motivated

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Most people understand others more than they understand themselves.

You might think that you understand yourself very well, but you will come to realize that you actually don’t understand yourself as much as you think you do. In a psychological and motivational structural correlation we often find that we are driven by two different sources of motivation. Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation comes from within. It is a highly introspective influence from which your actions derive. The sense of accomplishment is an intrinsic motivation for example.

You are not seeking something in the outside world, you are finding something within.

Extrinsic motivation on the other hand is highly external. Your drive and motivation derive from a sense of external gratification. …

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Why is it so hard to do the small things that can help us improve our lives?

Whether its picking up the habit of reading for half an hour a day, or meditating for five minutes in the morning, it seems like there’s something more powerful than us, throwing us off the right track every single time. We lose the sense of motivation and we end up dropping those habits we wanted to start… So by default the real problem here is our sense of motivation right? Wrong! …

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Look around you… Look at yourself… Everything you see, and everything you are, can be summed up with one simple word: Energy

No, I am not about to throw some Law Of Attraction stuff at you. I am about to share with you some revolutionary scientific discoveries that will change your perspective on the world and on yourself.

First off, how is it that everything we are and everything we see around us is made out of energy? Well it’s simple, let’s talk about basic chemistry. Matter, whether its tangible or intangible is made out of molecules. Oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and a mix of different molecules form the perceivable and non-perceivable world. …

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First off, you need to understand the two different parts of your brain that governs your everyday life.

The conscious brain is the critical brain that helps you connect dots, think logically and critically, get creative and get organized.

The subconscious brain on the other hand, communicates through impulses, emotions, feelings and images.

When we talk about information storage, we talk about a delicate three step process, where one missing step would result in the failure of proper information storage. …

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Today, we’re going to kick procrastination away once and for all.

For those who already know who I am, there is no need to read this paragraph. For those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is Noah Merriby, I am a Best-Selling Author, Mentor, and Passionate Instructor who taught more than 100,000 students. Author of many Highest Rated And Bestselling Courses. Expert in Productivity, Personal Development, Psychology, Marketing And Behaviorism. I am an Internationally Recognized Awards Winning Speaker with more than 10 Awards in Public Speaking.

In this article, we are going to introduce procrastination and talk about some major concepts you need to learn. After understanding what procrastination is, we are going to explore different solutions you can use to escape the procrastination jail. …


Noah Merriby

Best-Selling Author, Mentor, and Passionate Instructor who taught more than 100,000 students.

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