Do you remember an instant in your life, where you walked past someone and you got a short whiff of their perfume… And before you know it, in an instant, it brought back a past memory, and a mix of emotions and feelings that you have experienced back then…?

If you can’t really related to this example, I’ll give you another one.

Have you ever been in a mall, or in an elevator, and you heard a song, that you haven’t listened to in years… And as soon as you heard the melody, it drew a smile or maybe a…

One of the biggest breakthroughs I had in my research was linked to emotional intelligence. I have attended seminars, bought courses, and read countless books that unified emotions, and classified them as either positive or negative.

If you feel anger, and you do something that can calm you down, then you compensate the emotional imbalance and you can start moving towards an emotionally intelligent state of mind. I came to realize, that emotional intelligence, as intelligent as it may seem, is the most ridicule and stupid concept that you can try to explain to people.

See intelligence can’t be so…

“ One day I wake up feeling as motivated as all hell, then the next day, I can’t even get out of bed…”

Said Chris with a frustrated look on his face.

I can understand his frustration. It sucks when we have a kick-ass day and get a bunch of work done, only to wake up the next day feeling drained and uninspired.

“ How often does this happen to you Chris?”

“ I don’t really know. Sometimes I can go weeks feeling inspired and motivated and then out of the blue, poof… it disappears.”

“ hmmm, Tell me Chris…

We all like a good challenge. By nature, we’re competitive being. We thrive to get better in a world of opportunity to achieve the impact we know we can achieve.

The biggest part of personal growth is setting challenges with the intention of growth in some area in your life.

Today I want to share with you three challenges that can change your life if completed. The main aim is personal growth by seeking healthy discomfort.

1 — The 100 Rejection Challenge:

By far, one of my favourite challenges. It was recommended to me by a dear friend Mo Khalaf

“Well, I would honestly prefer sushi.” said my mentee.

“Sushi over Pizza? Are you kidding me, Jason?”

It was 2:20 pm, and it has been 20 minutes now that we’re arguing about what to eat.

You can relate to this problem, can’t you? Choosing what to eat with someone can get pretty frustrating, especially if it’s followed by hours and hours of public speaking mentorship…

“So, why public speaking, Jason?” — I asked my mentee while waiting for the sushi delivery guy.

“Well, whatever you need to do in life, you will have to speak right? Whether you want to…

The fourth generation of lab mice were never exposed to the electrical shock treatment. They never heard the bell! And they never got any electrical shocks! However, when they heard the bell rings, they flinched…

Let that sink in for a second. How is that even possible…?

Following the overwhelming reaction I got from my audience upon releasing the third update of my masterclass, I decided to share the essence of what the future can hold for each and every one of us.

It all started with a piece of information that struck me hard in my early 20s… The…

Emotions and feelings are different:

Feelings are usually based on mental association between external and internal factors leading to a cognitive reaction linked to this mental association. Those feelings are usually linked to belief and conditioning. Feeling happy, feeling blessed, relaxed, grateful… those are all feelings built upon a stimulus. Emotions operate on a more complex level. While feelings last for a short period of time, emotions usually last longer, and they have a more accute influence on us. Here is the interesting part however, emotions and feelings are indeed different, but there is a correlation between them. Feelings lead to emotions. Lingering feelings of…

What is Emotional Intelligence:

We all have emotions that are usually recurrent on a daily basis. Some of those emotions we experience are positive, and others are negative. This emotional charge can have effect our physical, mental and spiritual essence.

No matter how hard you try, you can not eliminate emotions completely, but that’s where Emotional Intelligence steps in. Once you master this skill, you will be able to manage and control your emotional discharge better. When you are angry, you react in a certain way, when you are emotionally intelligent, you will be able to control and manage this reaction. …

Revealing The CCSEM Motivational Equation

Following my latest press release on The Digital Journal, I saw a big spike of interest from my audience for me to reveal some of the personal development formulas I’ve developed.

I wouldn’t have been where I am today if it wasn’t for the support of my loyal audience. For that reason, I decided to release a new article revealing one of the most elaborate formulas I’ve developed in the field of human behaviour & motivation — The CCSEM Formula

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Noah Merriby

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