5 Lessons From A Decade Of Millennial Entrepreneurship

Noah Merriby
3 min readJul 27, 2021

Triumphing Out Of Tribulation

Let me tell you, I had NO IDEA, that in just 3 months of applying the systems I developed, I would be experiencing breakthrough after breakthrough. Sometimes several breakthroughs A DAY!

And I remember thinking to myself:

“Some people have one or two breakthroughs their entire lives! I was having one or two breakthroughs a day! How come people don’t know about this? What can happen if more people start to learn about it?”

If I was able to take myself from the bottomless pit of toxicity I was in, to become one of the best speakers and authors in the world, what can YOU achieve?

If I was able to take myself from failing classes time and time again, to building a 7-Figure business in less than A YEAR, what can YOU achieve?

Let’s get to it and find out.

Lesson #1: The Evolutionary Grace Of Survival

There is a transition phase, a cognitive metamorphosis, that each and every one of us would go through at one point in time. Some people would experience it earlier in life, and others take decades to experience.

March 25th 2010 — At 13 years of age, I remember asking myself a lot of paradoxical questions. We all question existence at some point in time, and the answers that translate into belief can forever shape our cultural upbringing. My older brother David was one of the few people I can reach out to with the craziest thoughts and questions. I was seeking answers relentlessly.

This went on for a few months, until the one day where everything took a shift. A simple action taken by David back then would set me on a complete different path. As he came to visit from abroad, he brought me a set of 9 documentaries to broaden my cognitive horizon. To make it more enticing, he promised to pay me $20 for every documentary I watch and summarize. Needless to say, not only did I make $180 in a couple days, but I got exposed to ideas that led to a shift of paradigm.

I never would’ve thought at 13 years of age, that I would end up where I am now. Coming from a family where my siblings were either lawyers or in business, my options were…



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